¡Que Pendeja!

May 7, 2008

This made me laugh… Bueno, it was either laugh or cry.

Amanda Marcotte
May 1, 2008 at 1:15 pm

I wish I could style myself someone too good to care about the cover of a book, but I really can’t. Whether we like it or not, imagery is effective in putting people in emotional states—same with music. I can be pretty haphazard about the pictures I put on posts, but I absolutely feel that it’s part of why this blog does well, because pictures are eye-catching and improve people’s moods.

I can’t BELIEVE that this ruca has the balls to talk about ANYBODY’S book cover after the racist pendejadas SHE tried to pass off as “irony” in her own book. When a white woman’s body [might be] depicted in a way that is potentially objectifying, she’s all over that shit– But when Seal Press puts images of Black Natives chucking spears in her book? I had NO IDEA that was racist! I’m SO sorry! I just didn’t notice!


¿Sabes que, nice white feminist lady? I think you’ve lost your right to criticize anyone else’s book cover. Why don’t you be quiet and think about what you’ve done for a little while longer.


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