Native Hawaiians blockade historic palace

May 1, 2008

This makes my heart warm.

As people have conversations on line and off about the role of allies/ how to be an ally/ the importance of coalition and solidarity/ etc., I’m glad to see that there is a group of people that aren’t trying to work with whitey anymore– they’re just taking back what is theirs.

Fuck yes.


One Response to “Native Hawaiians blockade historic palace”

  1. mirandajay said

    I loved this.

    I have visited Hawaii once and in general I found a lot of Hawaiians I met to be very political and still upset over their colonization. They had this fantastic public access show and I remember very clearly them saying “We are NOT americans, we will NEVER be americans and we DON’T want to be americans.”

    I’m feeling pretty done with Whitey myself these days.

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